Mike & Meagan

Buss Brands Limited isn’t your typical restaurant group. With more than 30 years of collective restaurant experience, Mike and Meagan Buss have taken their big city, big franchise learnings to their own small-town concepts. Prior to forming Buss Brands, Mike operated 50+ Pizza Hut locations in the Pittsburgh area, and Meagan ran the marketing side of it. After divesting their family business, Mike and Meagan set their eyes on the sweeter pastures of the South where they could shape their own concepts.

In 2018, they acquired the charming French Market Tavern in Locust Grove, GA. They added a bridal suite, a coffee shop and a few other touches to this New Orleans-inspired bistro, enhancing the overall experience. This just whet their appetite.

Soon after, they developed their very own concept from scratch, The Peach Pit Bar & Grill. Designed as a southern haven for couples and families seeking a delicious break from the everyday craziness, the welcoming Peach Pit in Estero, Florida clearly struck a chord with locals as the location quickly became a community favorite. Almost immediately after, Mike and Meagan expanded this successful recipe to Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Locust Grove (two doors down from the French Market).

For most, that would be good enough. But pizza runs in their blood after all. Mike and Meagan fell in love with this cool, little joint in Little Five Points, Atlanta after devouring a few slices of pepperoni. Shortly after, they acquired the neighborhood hangout, Little 5 Pizza. Of course, like everything, Mike and Meagan have added their spice to it. Whether it’s garlic, oregano or just the right touch of customer-centric service, it’s clearly an unforgettable hit. To that point, Little 5 Pizza has now rolled into Tuscaloosa.

Wondering what the secret ingredient is for Buss Brands Limited? It’s simple. Mike and Meagan treat everyone like family – their guests and employees. This feelgood warmth is served up at every table in every Peach Pit, Little 5 Pizza and French Market Tavern (including the new location in Forsyth, GA), right alongside the mouthwatering dishes. Speaking of family, wouldn’t you know it that Mike and Meagan’s relationship flourished because of pizza. As their working relationship partnership grew, so did their affection for each other. They got married in 2018 and have a cute Goldendoodle named Ella. But their next project is definitely their biggest – they have a child on the way! And as the Buss family grows, so will Buss Brands. They’re excited to expand all three brands throughout the South.

  • 1890s

  • Early 1900s

    Main Street

  • 1926

  • 1936

  • 2010

    Exterior - Main Street
  • March 2011

    The exterior gets a facelift!
  • Early April 2011

    Almost there!
  • March 2016

    Main Dining Room